Integracon’s Asset Disposal and Recycling Services

Integracon’s Asset Recovery & Disposal services focus on the retirement and disposal of personal computers, servers, network equipment, and peripherals. It is our mission to protect businesses from the inherent risks associated with computer retirement and disposal.

What are the risks?

  • Confidential information remaining on retired hard drives
  • Software Piracy
  • Environmental fines

With tightly controlled processes and business practices, our Asset Recovery services minimize client involvement in the complicated and cumbersome process of computer retirement and disposal. Our Asset Disposal and Recycling Services take care of the following:


Integracon can assist you in the physical removal of equipment. Our staff can de-install, pack and remove old equipment. Then we’ll load it onto our fleet for transportation to our facility for data wiping, remarketing and/or disposal. All materials are expertly packed and professionally transported in secured vehicles.


Integracon will do a piece count of all equipment to be transported and will prepare an inventory record to document all assets. This paperwork will be used to check-in materials upon their arrival at our facilities to confirm no assets have been lost in transit. We will remove all tags, labels and other identifiers on retired equipment to protect your company’s identity. We will bar code your equipment and record the tracking numbers in our processing center so that your materials can be followed throughout the process. Your organization will receive hard copies of all paperwork as well as internet access to records.

Data Wiping

A critical step in disposing of old computers and hard drives is erasing the sensitive data that may be contained on them. This practice of Data Wiping is essential to reduce the risk of sensitive and private information being made available. Integracon utilizes a certified data wiping software that overwrites all of the data on the hard drive. We also offer degaussing which wipes the data using a strong magnetic force, rendering the device no longer usable. We perform quality control checks immediately after the data erasure is completed to ensure all information has been removed. We also offer physical destruction of materials through shredders. These methods are the most reliable ways of removing data to ensure your company’s confidential information is not accessible. Our data sterilization process adheres to the Department of Defense (DOD) standards


Creating a secure environment for handling your assets from the initial pick-up through disposal is the most critical aspect of our business. It’s important to note that our staff of professionally trained employees all have been thoroughly screened with background checks.

Integracon’s Asset Disposal and Recycling services reduce the time, effort, and costs involved in your computer-recycling efforts. Additionally, you can feel confident in the fact that Integracon will protect your data and provide full transparency throughout the process. Find out how Integracon can help your company by contacting or visiting us online today.