Network Design: What to Consider

What defines a successful business network design? Although each project is different and unique, it’s important to build a network beyond the needs of your clients or employees. When looking to build a network, it is important to consider the following:

What is the current state of your network infrastructure?

We cannot design a newer, better network infrastructure without evaluating the current state of your network. Our experts will evaluate your current business network to identify areas of improvement to streamline your business practices and create cost-effective solutions.

What are your company’s problems?

Perhaps the most important consideration in any network design project is identifying an organization’s problem. At Integracon, we’re more than just computer specialists plugging in a few wires—we design network solutions that meet your technology goals and business objectives. “What are you trying to accomplish with your use of technology” is what drives our network designs and configurations.

Do you need communications support?

Part of the fast-paced corporate world is mobile employees. No matter if your employees work in-house or are constantly on the go, it’s important to have unified communications support for mobile computing. Do you have service techs out in the field? No problem! We can design a network to integrate remote activity with in-house technology solutions so your employees have access to essential business information wherever they are.

What kind of hardware and software do you use?

Understanding how much hardware is needed—servers, desktops, network cabling, switches, etc.—and how it will be used with your software helps us better identify your business needs. Options for cloud computing, virtual storage, network connectivity, and bandwidth all depend on your specific business objectives.

Is your business network secure?

Security is a cornerstone of network design—particularly with organizations that must meet clients’ regulatory guidelines. Our network security implementations vary based on:

  • Industry
  • Business size
  • Number of employees
  • Software used
  • Server technology
  • Other unique business characteristics

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