Invisible Malware: The New Virus in Town

Professionals in the technology and security industry are dealing with a new nightmare virus infecting systems across the world: Invisible Malware. Hackers are evolving and invisible malware is the new method of attack on data systems and servers. While traditional firewalls and anti-virus solutions are powerless against this new breed of virus, there are steps you can take to defend your systems against an attack. Before you bolster your security systems, it’s important to know what invisible malware is and how to know if you’ve been affected. 

What is invisible malware?

Invisible malware is unique in that it takes root in systems where it is basically undetectable by traditional security systems. The virus is known to reside in memory or in the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) where it can spread without detection. Invisible malware harbors what are known as virtual rootkits and can quietly extend control over your collection of devices. Because of the location in hardware, traditional anti-virus software scans over the virus and endpoint protection software is fooled. 

How does invisible malware get onto my devices?

This virus is a master of disguise. While traditional malware is easily spotted, invisible malware sneaks itself into seemingly legitimate downloads and updates. For example, a virus might present as a firmware update and then proceed to replace your existing firmware with an infected version. Hackers are becoming more advanced and even using tax-themed emails to seed viruses onto unsuspecting victims. 

How can I prevent invisible malware? 

Experts are still learning how to fight against invisible malware and what can be done to prevent it from taking root in the first place. Industry leaders are also stepping up to the fight and producing processors that are focused on preventing invisible malware attacks. Another alternative to help protect against invisible malware is to move your business operations to the cloud. Because many forms of invisible malware rely on infecting hardware, a move to a cloud basic computing system could save your information from dangerous hackers. 

How Integracon Can Help Protect Your Business

Protecting your internal files as well as customer information is of the utmost importance in today’s digital world. Integracon’s flexible managed security services offer guidance from the endpoint all the way to the cloud. Whether you’re looking to migrate your business to a cloud computing system or bolster your security with a managed anti-virus solution, our technicians are here to help. Contact Integracon today and make sure your information is safe and sound.

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