IT Data Center and Virtualization Services

Protect Your Assets

Today’s business systems must be available on demand 24 x 7 x 365. Organizations depend on the latest technology to help differentiate them in the marketplace, increase sales, reduce costs, and provide peace of mind.

As the IT environment grows, server and storage sprawl takes over. Organizations end up with massive amounts of servers and storage subsystems from various manufacturers, which become difficult to manage and costly to change. Integracon Data Center and Cloud solutions simplify these challenges, in turn empowering you with time and resources to respond to new technologies, business requirements and workloads.

Data Center Solution Implementation

Our highly experienced and certified engineers help you plan, design, implement and support a cost-effective data center solution to safeguard your data and infrastructure. Following a unique, consultative approach, we collaborate closely with you to customize the right strategy and technology to drive results for your organization.

Structuring Your Data Center

Of course, you have many choices for structuring your data center. First, you have to decide between building and leasing. Then, you can own the data center, place it in a colocation center, put in a public or private cloud or employ a cloud strategy combining any of these options.

Integracon will assess your environment and recommend what is best for your business objectives. Whether you choose to build a data center on your premises or utilize Integracon’s own world-class data center, we provide you with the right data center and cloud strategies and technologies to optimize your business outcomes.

Data Center and Cloud Services Include:

  • Conducting thorough assessment requirements analyses and technology reviews
  • Providing strategy development reviews including recommendations
  • Planning and development of server and storage consolidation
  • Management of data center design and configuration
  • Consulting on data center and cloud services
  • Best practice planning for implementation and support

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Integracon Technologies offers Data Center and Virtualization support as a core feature in our managed IT service plans. We are dedicated to finding financially-backed service level agreements that best fit your business objectives. Let the professionals solve your problems and protect your assets. For more information, visit the Integracon site today.