Managing Your IT Assets

Managing your IT assets can be overwhelming, especially if your IT process is extensive or contains a lot of data for a large company. It can be challenging to find an exhaustive way to manage the various IT assets that come with running a business. And when they aren’t running smoothly, consequences can be severe. That’s where Integracon comes in.

Our IT Procurement and Asset Management Services offer a comprehensive way to gain greater efficiencies through the management of your IT assets’ life cycles. Having IT Procurement services is important because the role of IT Procurement is changing rapidly from a tactical function to having a significant impact on business performance. At Integracon, we understand the toll this can take on your internal team when attempting to make informed purchasing decisions.

How It Works

Going hand-in-hand with our Managed Services, our experts keep track of your IT assets to ensure that you are optimizing asset use and reducing costs. Our IT Procurement and Asset Management experts track both your active and inactive assets, supporting your financial analysis, budgeting, and operational planning efforts. This leads your company to be able to achieve full value from your technology investments.

The Process

Integracon’s IT Procurement and Asset Management Services simplify the IT acquisition process – from price optimization to ordering, asset tracking, and reporting. However, at Integracon, IT Procurement is only a part of our service offering. We also help you install and implement your purchase to make sure that it is compatible with your current system. We spend time up-front to make sure that purchases allow your programs to run smoothly, from inception to completion. Our IT Procurement and Asset Management Services include a four-step process:

  1. Administration and Configuration

Our IT Procurement and Asset Management Services will configure systems to your specific business needs and requirements before delivering them to your end user.

  1. Comprehensive Device Move/Add/Change Management

Our comprehensive tracking reduces the time and effort required to reconcile your inventories, keeping you on top of the status and location of all of your assets.

  1. Centralized Asset Tracking

Regardless of how widely dispersed your assets are, our team will track and maintain thorough details about all of your assets, allowing you to optimize their use.

  1. Integrated IT Service & IT Procurement Processes

Integracon’s Help Desk Services work hand-in-hand with our IT Procurement experts, to ensure a smooth change over to your new systems with no issues or bugs.

Protect Your IT Assets Today

Integracon’s IT Procurement and Asset Management Services are offered in order to provide business managers with peace of mind and allow your business’ IT run more efficiently than ever. Visit our website for more information or contact us directly to get started protecting and managing your IT assets today.