What You Should Know About BYOD Programs and Mobile Device Management

Every year, it grows increasingly more common for employees to bring their own devices into the workplace to use for work purposes. We’ve discussed what a BYOD policy is and how to implement one — but how do you know when to upgrade to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service? Today, we’re outlining everything you need to know about mobile device management.

What’s the difference between BYOB and MDM?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the practice of allowing personnel to bring their personal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to utilize for work-related purposes. Mobile device management is not an alternative to a BYOD policy; rather, it’s a way to make a BYOD policy more secure.

While BYOD policies are great for employee satisfaction, flexibility, and costs, it’s risky without a mobile device management system in place. With a BYOD policy comes less control over the devices that employees are using for work purposes, leaving your network vulnerable. MDM makes it easier to control these devices and keep your information secure.

Do I need a MDM service?

While mobile device management practices are ideal for any company that allows employees to bring their personal devices to work, it is not completely necessary for all companies. For example, smaller companies that do not handle sensitive data and information may operate just fine with a BYOD policy and knowledge of security best practices.

However, MDM solutions are highly recommended for larger companies and/or organizations that handle sensitive information of any kind. Without one, you run the risk of having your system corrupted

IT Mobile Device Management With Integracon

In today’s world, it has become nearly impossible to completely prevent mobile devices from entering their enterprise; however, every organization needs to be able to monitor and control the mobile devices that do — no matter if they are provided by the company or are part of a bring-your-own-device program.

Integracon’s mobile device management services are designed to deliver you a sustained approach to unlocking the value of mobility within your organization. We offer:

  • Mobile Asset Management. As a part of our overall IT asset management services, we will track your devices so that you know which device or user has access to what.
  • Mobile Policy Creation. Our mobile device management experts will define and deploy the right policies for your organization, from password control to camera access, device encryption, and WI-FI.
  • Device Configuration. Whether your employees need access to special apps or document folders, we will ensure that their devices support your enterprise policy.
  • Device Security Management. Integracon’s mobile device management services will implement dynamic security and compliance features and continuously monitor devices to keep your company’s devices and information safe.

Interested in a mobile device management solution? Get in touch with us and let us help you secure your network.