Manufacturing Industry Solutions

In today’s world, manufacturers are facing extremely heavy competition. Information technology is imperative to keep the operations of a manufacturing facility running smoothly. There are several tools that IT can provide to optimize the functions within the manufacturing industry. Some of these include: 

  • Expediting the delivery process of products to the customer
  • More personable interactions with the customer
  • Expediting the implementation of new ideas and product uses
  • Getting the most out of the resources already present 
  • Eliminating any wasteful or unnecessary products or job positions.

Integracon works diligently to ensure that clients never feel their business is falling behind, but always moving forward. We also offer multiple services to keep your business and your clients safe from hackers, scammers, and phishers. 

Our IT mail service is one service that has provided significant benefits to our manufacturing customers. Unexpected business issues can occur at any time and it can lead to issues with the flow of business and your supply chain. Issues related to email can be something that ultimately leads to breakdowns in productivity. Some common issues with email include: 

  • the expense of storage that is taken up by junk mail
  • slow and difficult email issue troubleshooting
  • poor communication with customers due to disruptions within the email system
  • the labor hours it takes to analyze and resolve issues due to the complexity of modern email systems

Our local team is well-suited to help manage email systems and all issues pertaining to email.

Another service that has been beneficial to our manufacturing clients is our Emergency IT solutions. At Integracon, if there is an IT emergency, we make it our priority to resolve it in a timely fashion while also keeping your company’s usual business functions flowing as normal. Unlike other providers, we offer on-call care called AssetDown when an emergency occurs. Examples could be caused by a system failure or a viral hack. All of our customers are eligible for at least a one-hour remote response, and depending on your location you could be eligible for up to four-hour onsite response. 

When you allow Integracon to manage your manufacturing business’ IT infrastructures, your only responsibility is to rest easy knowing you are in good hands. If you have an IT emergency, please call now at 865-330-2323. For more information about our business and what we do, visit our website