Why Your Non-Profit Organization Needs Managed IT Services

Non-profit organizations can benefit hugely from utilizing managed IT services. That’s because nonprofits are no different than any other industry, in that each organization has unique informational technological needs. Integracon has over 15 years of extensive experience managing IT operations for non-profit organizations in Knoxville, TN and beyond. In fact, we have a specialized background in providing IT services associated with non-profits, including fundraising, membership management, and so much more!

Non-Profit IT Support

Whether your organization is a small office or a huge firm, technology is an essential element of running an efficient institution. Prepping for board meetings, fielding calls with important donors, or simply emailing colleagues are all crucial day-to-day operations dependant on technology. With so much on your plate, your organization can’t afford to come to a standstill due to technological failures. Luckily, our information technology services can take care of all of your IT needs. Integracon offers managed IT solutions locally (in Knoxville) and remotely (across the U.S.), so no matter where your nonprofit is located, we can relieve you of any IT issues you encounter or are trying to prevent. Our goal is to help you concentrate on what’s really important: your nonprofit’s mission.

Integracon’s IT services often used by non-profit clients include:

  • IT managed services contracts
  • IT managed security
  • IT mail services
  • IT advanced recovery systems
  • IT cloud services
  • Strategic IT management and infrastructure services
  • IT telecom services
  • IT regulatory compliance services
  • Hardware procurement and asset management services
  • Emergency IT services

Non-Profit Industry Software

Integracon recognizes how important commercially-available software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, and CRM are to nonprofit organizations; however, we also realize dealing with screens and form fields that aren’t relevant to your needs can take up important time. No matter your need or program of choice, our consultants can expertly tweak and customize standard packages to keep your office running as smoothly as possible.

Let Integracon Manage Your Non-Profit IT Operations

If your IT operations take up more time than the business of your organization, it’s time to switch to managed IT solutions. Integracon’s strategic and customizable IT packages make our managed solutions perfect for organizations of any size and with any budget. Contact us today for a free network assessment and let us take the stress of information technology off your shoulders.


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