Step-By-Step Guide: How to Deal With a Security Breach

Unfortunately, security breaches are quickly becoming commonplace in our everyday lives. From Arby’s to social media platforms to America’s Job Link, data breaches of all shapes and sizes have made it clear that no business or organization is safe from hackers and other security threats. Just as clear as the danger, though, is the fact that cyber security is essential to any organization’s success; however, sometimes attacks go unnoticed until it’s too late and you find yourself on the wrong side of a security breach.

Step One: Immediately Contain the Problem

Security breaches can be thought of like cancer: the longer they go unnoticed, the worse the situation gets. The second you realize (or even suspect) a security breach, contact IT professionals. Whether it be your internal IT department or outside IT professionals like Integracon, the faster someone who knows what they’re doing can assess the problem, the quicker it can be managed and resolved. Never try dealing with a suspected security break on your own if you’re not trained in internet technology support; inexperience can ultimately lead to exacerbation of the problem.

Step Two: Assess the Damage & Communicate

What happened? Was information taken? Was information destroyed? Was it company information or consumer information? Were employees or customers compromised in any way? Honesty and transparency are essential aspects of security breach management, so communicating the situation to the public as quickly and accurately as possible is key. The best way to ensure your company is communicating the most correct information is to assess the damage as quickly as possible. Make sure all internal personnel are on the same page regarding the situation at hand so information is as consistent as it is accurate.

Step Three: Isolate Your Network

While security breaches are often targeted to one specific part of a network, isolating your company’s entire network from the outside is essential to preventing any further malware from entering or spreading throughout your system. Avoid isolating just the affected area of your network; networks are often fully integrated systems that are easily navigable for outside threats.

Step Four: Contact Authorities

Hacking is taken extremely seriously within all divisions of law enforcement in the United States. The online version of the black market, called the “dark net,” is home to hundreds of online marketplaces selling anything you could think of, for any reason you can think of — including your company’s data. Authorities can help find out who breached your system, and your personal experience can help authorities keep threatening technology out of dangerous hands.

Integracon Cyber Security Solutions

If your business has suffered a security breach, Integracon offers top of the line emergency IT services based in Knoxville, TN. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect your company’s network is compromised. Whether on-site or remote, Integracon’s emergency IT services will have your problem contained and your company back to business in no time. You can take your cyber security one step further with our managed IT solutions, which allow you to rest easy knowing IT experts are taking care of your network’s upkeep and security.