Offering Seniors Digital Health Tools

Seniors are increasingly interested in utilizing digital health tools to manage their healthcare. According to a recent study by Accenture 57 percent of American seniors are interested in using digital options for managing their health services remotely.[1] Currently only about one-third of medical facilities are offering digital health tools.

How are senior adults interested in using digital health tools? According to Accenture, they want to research and evaluate health insurance options, access their medical health records, make appointments, book appointments, refill prescriptions, contact providers, and even use a mobile app. From Medicare to healthcare facilities, robust digital health tools can offer seniors a variety of ways to improve their health:

  • Buying behavior – Seniors would like to research medical plans and compare prices. They also could use digital health tools to research treatments, medical options, and medical providers.
  • Engagement – By engaging seniors through digital technology, providers can help encourage improved habits, healthier living, and even health management.
  • Satisfaction – From face-to-face encounters with medical providers to digital engagement to digital monitoring of specific conditions, seniors can enjoy a complete health ecosystem that will encourage improved and simplified health support.

Photo used by permission from SalFalko (via Creative Commons).

[1] Jean Francis. “Tech-Savvy Seniors Seek Digital Tools to Manage Health, According to Accenture Survey.” November 21, 2013 <>

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