Planning for Disasters

How prepared is your business for a hurricane, flooding, power outages, a tornado? According to The Institute for Business & Home Safety an estimated 25% of business never reopen after a major disaster.  Those who do reopen may still face such surmounting obstacles that they end up closing. 75% of the companies who fail to create a disaster recovery plan prior to a disaster hits will close their doors within three years of a disaster.[1]

Data Loss is Disastrous
Businesses cannot survive major data loss. 70% of small businesses that experience major data loss will not survive another year.[2] If disaster prevents a business from reopening within ten days of the impact, the business is not likely to even reopen.[3] One key challenge facing businesses during a disaster is minimizing downtime, preserving data and simplifying data recovery.

Preparing for Disaster Via Infrastructure
In addition to drawing up a business continuity plan, businesses can be better prepared for disaster recovery through utilizing recent technologies in their overall infrastructure planning such as virtualization, cloud computing and support for mobility.

Developing an off-site backup plan that utilizes a private & public cloud solution can assure your data is stored safely off location and out of town in case of a major regional disaster. Integracon works with our clients to implement a solution that can adapt to your company’s needs and scale as your needs change. Our team of engineers deliver:

  • On-demand resources
  • Control, security and total governance
  • Virtualized pools of server, storage and networking resources
  • Automated plans based business rules and application needs
  • High efficiency levels through optimized resource use
  • Agility and dynamic scaling
  • Multiple layers of data protection (for availability and recovery)
  • Built-in recovery capability
  • Resource pooling and dynamic resource allocation

Prepare your business for facing the challenges of both day-to-day demands as well as disaster with a robust backup and recovery plan. Contact Integracon at 865-330-2323 or chat via our contact page.

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