Extending Your Data Center into the Cloud

Computerworld ran a thoughtful article about several organizations that have moved some and/or most of their applications into the cloud.[1] These groups have enjoyed tremendous savings, reduced internal workloads, and enjoyed faster deployments. As any company considers expanding to the web, it is important to process the opportunities and challenges associated with such a move. […]

Underestimating the Consequences of a Data Breach

According to a report from the Ponemon Institute, many small to medium businesses (SMBs) fail to prepare for data breach.[1] In the “State of SMB Cyber Security Readiness: US Study,” Ponemon reports that organizations that had suffered a breach had different expectations from organizations that had not suffered a breach. As a result, many SMBs […]

Planning for Disasters

How prepared is your business for a hurricane, flooding, power outages, a tornado? According to The Institute for Business & Home Safety an estimated 25% of business never reopen after a major disaster.  Those who do reopen may still face such surmounting obstacles that they end up closing. 75% of the companies who fail to […]