Plugging BYOD Security Holes

Sophos released a disturbing report that indicates 42% of lost mobile devices in the UK had no security measures in place.[1] Surveying of 1008 consumers in Great Britian, Sophos asked about security measures by mobile device users aged between 16 and 64. According to James Lyne, director of technology strategy at Sophos, “The widespread lack of basic security measures in place on mobile devices is very severe and shows a clear lack of awareness around data security among the general public.”

This lack of focus on security becomes more serious when devices are lost or stolen. Thirty-six percent of those surveyed indicated that they had lost a device in public at some point, and over half of those who lost devices never recovered them. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets without proper data security open security holes that expose the business at multiple levels. “[T]he research already shows that corporate email – on lost and potentially unsecured devices – opens up a potential security hole in the infrastructure,” say Lyne. “This lack of precaution and awareness risks putting businesses in the firing line when it comes to complying with data privacy legislation and protecting sensitive information.”

The use of mobile devices for business will only grow in the years ahead, so it’s essential for businesses to get a handle on the security challenges now. A robust security solution should have tools in place to address endpoint, data, email, web, server and mobile protection. It should also include policies and procedures, regulatory compliance and employee training. For more information on assessing and improving your overall security program, contact Integracon at 865-330-2323 or chat via our Contact Us page.

[1] “Critical Absence in Basic Security Puts Thousands of Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops at Risk.” Sophos Press Release, October 18, 2012.