Integracon’s Managed Web-Filtering and Web-Security Solutions

Keep malicious internet traffic from affecting your bottom line with Integrecon’s Managed Web-Filtering and Web-Security Solutions. Premium Internet Security Suite enforces security at the DNS and IP Layers by using the Internet’s existing infrastructure to prevent command and control callbacks, malware, ransomware and phishing from compromising systems and exfiltrating data over any port or protocol. […]

Healthcare IT Solutions

Technology is a crucial element of the healthcare industry, but this fact goes much deeper than the technology of machines and communication — it also applies to maintaining business continuity and protecting the data that allows daily functions to remain continuous and smooth, should downtime occur. From patient information in a hospital, all the way […]

Blockchain: How it Works

News, businesses, Wall Street banks, and more are all buzzing about blockchain. But, what is it, and how does it work? Follow along as we quickly define blockchain and tell you a bit about how it works. What is Blockchain? According to Don and Alex Tapscott, the authors of Blockchain Revolution, “the blockchain is an […]