Healthcare IT Solutions

Technology is a crucial element of the healthcare industry, but this fact goes much deeper than the technology of machines and communication — it also applies to maintaining business continuity and protecting the data that allows daily functions to remain continuous and smooth, should downtime occur. From patient information in a hospital, all the way to appointment records at an outpatient office, tons of data and crucial information is housed within any healthcare organization’s network — keeping it secure and internally accessible is paramount.

While information technology is crucial for day-to-day operations in the healthcare industry, it really shouldn’t be a top priority for healthcare professionals — patient care should be. Rather than let a poorly managed IT infrastructure get in the way, our managed IT services will streamline your IT process and IT operational costs, as well as help you gain access to the latest technology, so that your healthcare facility is ready and prepared for the worst.  

Managed IT in the Healthcare Industry

Your ever-evolving technology must meet the rules and regulations of regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA, CMS, and ASTM (and more). Meeting these standards create a considerable burden on those in the healthcare industry, including those of your IT team. Couple that with worrying about managing costs, patient safety, and daily services, and you can easily stretch your team too thin. Luckily, managed IT services, like those from Integracon, can free you of the time spent worrying about IT, so that you can focus on the things that truly matter for your daily operations.

Control Technology Costs With Managed IT Solutions

Constant technology updates mean what’s brand new today is obsolete tomorrow; however, that doesn’t mean your healthcare organization is always able to afford the necessary upgrades. Additionally, when technology infrastructure breaks down and needs repairing or replacing, it can quickly turn very costly…in more ways than you can imagine (read more on our blog, “Downtime: How Much It Could Cost Your Business”). By using managed IT solutions and support, your healthcare organization can control these costs, have access to the latest technology, and increase your data protection through a number of ways, including: built-in security, disaster recovery, usage-based pricing, service level guarantees, and unlimited functional and technical support that include technology upgrades. Furthermore, our IT solutions work with your budget; at Integracon, we work with clients to find a usage-based price, so you pay only for what you use. We also implement preventative measures to protect against equipment damage or breakdown, saving you money on costly repairs.

Streamline Healthcare Efficiency With IT Services

In the healthcare industry, patient care and safety should be your number one concern; however, technology can greatly affect your level of quality patient care. At Integracon, we aim to alleviate your healthcare system’s IT burden so that all you truly need to worry about is quality care. Our goal is to streamline and strengthen your IT system so that network crashes, loss of data, or obsolete infrastructure can no longer cause your organization harm.

Knoxville Information Technology Services From Integracon

Today’s healthcare environment is extremely information technology-intensive, and we know you want to and need to focus on your patients — not on your mission-critical systems. If you’re looking to outsource your IT to an information technology specialist, Integracon has years of experience working with industries of all kind, including healthcare. From regulatory compliance services to managed security, we offer a wide range of IT services to meet any industry’s need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize our services to meet your clinic’s or hospital’s IT needs.