Network Design For Your Business

Your network should keep up with today’s fast pace, not slow you down due to obsolete technology. No matter what industry your organization operates in, Integracon has experience designing and building custom networks that increase productivity and streamline day-to-day procedures. No matter the size of your business, we can help update current networks or create completely new ones from scratch.

Network Services From Integracon

Whether you’re looking to expand your current network or build a new one, Integracon offers a wide range of network services. From hardware installation to software configuration, we are prepared to install infrastructure and get your network up and running. Integracon is also experienced in network and ethernet cabling, switch and router setup, server and virtual server installation, wireless network solutions, and much more.

What to Consider When Designing Your Network

Different industries and organizations have different needs. From the size of your business to the needs of your clients, there are many different factors to consider in order to design a network that best fits the needs of your company.

The Current State of Your Network’s Infrastructure

In order to design a newer network for your business, we first have to understand your business’s current network. The first thing Integracon professionals will do when it comes to designing your network is evaluate your organization’s current network in order to identify areas of problem and weakness.

Problems Your Company Needs to Fix

Identifying the main problems you want to fix is the most important part of designing your network. Without clear goals for improvement, your new network might not address all of your needs. Integracon goes beyond just plugging in a router and giving you the login — we are dedicated to providing strategic IT solutions that help you meet technology goals and business objectives.

Security of Business Network

Without security, you basically have no network. In some cases, like healthcare, certain regulatory guidelines must also be met, which makes security even more important. Integracon considers the following when designing your network’s security: industry, business size, employee number, software used, server technology, and other business characteristics.

Current Hardware and Software

In order to plan what hardware we need to bring in, Integracon first has to learn about your current hardware. From desktops to network cabling, we want to be sure your network is designed as efficiently as possible. We must also understand the software currently in place to discern whether or not that should be updated as well.

Network Building With Integracon

If you’re interested in expanding, updating, or rebuilding your organization’s network, Integracon can help. From cloud computing to virtual storage, we offer cutting-edge technology options to keep your business at the forefront of innovation. Contact us today for your free network assessment or to learn more about how our managed IT services can help you.