World Backup Day – March 31st

World Backup Day is March 31st every year. This day is very significant and provides owners of businesses, small and large, a great reminder to back up all the content on devices within the workplace. Here are some things you can do every year on March 31st to ensure the proper retention of your work files.

Every year on World Backup Day, consider dedicating an hour or two of your workday to transferring all files to an external drive. Even if your files are stored in the cloud, it is still crucial to take this extra step to protect your company. You never know what could happen in the future! If you have several employees at your workplace, have them all do the same thing on their computers and other devices. After the backup is complete, check the external drive to make sure that all the files transferred over correctly.

If you don’t typically use virtual storage called “the cloud,” use this day to explore some of the features and options your business individually has when it comes to cloud storage. If you have other employees in the office, have them do some research, as well. Then, have a team meeting to discuss what data you found and what ideas you all came up with. Keeping everyone in the office informed and educated about the importance of data backup and storage is very important. It keeps everyone on the same page and prevents “accidental” deletes and mistakes from happening down the road.

Lastly, be communicative with your team about data backup, in general. Check-in on employees’ efforts to protect the company’s files throughout the year. Consider sending out the link to trending articles on the topic of backup throughout the year, as well. Don’t leave data backup efforts to this one day only – it should be a daily strive to better protect your data and files. 

You can also let this day be a reminder for your personal devices such as your smartphone and/or tablet. Backing up photos and messages to the cloud or to a drive every now and then can prevent a headache and a hard loss in the future. If your phone crashes or restores by accident, retrieving your lost photos can be a very strenuous and involved process or even impossible. 

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