5 Usability Questions for EHR Installations

Evaluating EHR vendors can be a challenge. While physicians are experts at patient care, software evaluation can sometimes be confusing. In a recent edition of Medical Practice Insider, Linda Stotsky offers 5 core usability questions when shopping for an EHR vendor. An EHR consultant, Stotksy helps professionals sort through the varied challenges.[1]

“Docs are great at practicing medicine. Not so great at choosing EHR systems,” Stotsky told Medical Practice Insider. “Most physicians depend on ‘system speak’ from the EHR vendor,” she added, making it impossible to “look under the hood.” She explains that the team researching potential EHR vendors needs to understand things like how the EHR collects patient data, increases ability to improve reimbursement, as well as reduces dictation and transcription costs. Some of the questions the team should ask include the following:

  1. How will this work with my existing scheduling, practice management, lab and PACS/RIS system?
  2. What is included “in the box” regarding training and support?
  3. Who customizes the system to work within my existing workflow and time constraints?
  4. Do you provide a unique support line for new client implementations, and what is the typical response time?
  5. Most importantly, can you provide a demo with an existing practice similar in specialty, size and workflow? (This can be done via any WebEx type application.) “Don’t sign a contract without viewing a real-time, role-based demo,” Stotsky advised. “Make sure to have in attendance staff representatives from all of the areas that touch the EHR — scheduling, billing, nursing, lab and record management — as well as other physicians.”

Every implementation is specific, so it is essential to get a sense of how the vendor will meet your specific needs and challenges. Integracon can work with your facility to reduce costs of implementation by providing the necessary infrastructure upgrades. Having worked with many healthcare facilities that are in the process of EHR implementation, we can help you ask the right questions as you consider the the proper vendor. For more information on how Integracon can help your organization, call us at 865-330-2323 or chat via Integracon.com.

[1] Madelyn Kearns. “5 core usability questions when EHR shopping.” November 22, 2013 <http://www.medicalpracticeinsider.com/best-practices/top-5-inquiries-place-vendors-when-shopping-ehr>