The Four Phases of BYOD

Mobility is driving change in your organization whether you recognize it or not. In a recent press release, Gartner Research indicates that the utilization of mobiles devices will transform information security as we know it. [1] Some organizations are still attempting to ignore the BYOD issue, but it’s not going away. According to Gartner, the shift in BYOD goes hand-in-hand with the shift in information security.

Gartner suggests there are four phases of BYOD adoption that most companies have or will follow as our information technology culture shifts.

1. Device Rejection – Companies usually start out being afraid of the security threats that accompany personally owned mobile devices. Business leaders respond by outright rejection of using personal devices in the workplace. With the number of executives, employees, vendors and other stakeholders using personal devices, this option becomes untenable right away.

2. User Accommodation – Once businesses realize they can’t keep out personal devices, they look for safe steps toward accommodation. In this phase, IT must come up with control solutions that protect data which is the top priority.

3. Organizational Adoption – At some point, the company begins to recognize the deep value of mobile devices and the greater potential throughout the business. Now business leaders begin asking more penetrating questions about mobile usage. Questions are asked about how mobility might play a role in customer relations, business processes, productivity and employee satisfaction. Instead of reacting to the technology, business adopt a proactive stance and seeks to leverage mobility advantages throughout the organization.

4. Strategic Assimilation – Finally BYOD technology becomes integrated throughout the organization. Now businesses concentrate on optimizing, operating, and evolving the strategy. At this point, cloud personalization and other technologies begin integrating with the larger BYOD strategy.

Where is your business in relation to BYOD?

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[1] Sony Shetty. “Gartner Says the Nexus of Forces is Transforming Information Security.” October 24, 2013