Infrastructure Virtualization

Over the last several years, the benefits of virtualization have continued to extend into every layer of the business. Now more and more companies are talking about an integrated services platform that will position businesses to expand and adapt to new technologies, to changing demands, and to operational adjustments. Complete infrastructure virtualization will become a vital part of business growth strategy.

Gartner has predicted that businesses will spend 20 percent on fully integrated as-a-service platforms solutions by 2018.[1] In the past implementations, have often been costly and slow. Businesses struggled to respond in a timely way to emerging technologies. The challenge and opportunity for businesses in the years ahead is to move toward an infrastructure that treats servers, networks and storage as single consumable unit.[2]  Virtualization is already making inroads as specific levels of the business. Now the challenge is to move toward a complete virtualized platform.

Integrated solutions give businesses greater management control and system insights while reducing reliance on legacy systems that prevent businesses from adapting to changing needs and technologies. Integration will also be key as businesses move toward hybrid cloud solutions. According to Gartner, four key benefits of an integrated system include:

  • Lower upfront investment – Some of the common implementation expenses are reduced or eliminated.
  • Consumption-based pricing limits risks – Costs can linked to business outcomes and businesses can rapidly adapt to the most effective solution and then scale to size.
  • Quicker time to market – Implementation can be reduced from months and years to days and weeks.
  • No operating headaches – Clients can respond to rapidly changing technologies and operating systems.

The challenge that businesses face is sorting through the maze of virtualization options and providers. Integracon can help managers select and implement virtualization solutions that are fitted to specific needs and goals. To learn more about infrastructure virtualization, contact Integracon at 865-330-2323 or chat via

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