Versatile Infrastructure to Meeting Changing Needs

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) can leverage the latest advances in technology to increase versatility and performance. In the past, many smaller businesses feared the large upfront investment required to update company infrastructure. Over the last several years, the rapid developments in virtualization technologies have made it easier than ever for SMBs to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization.

Integracon works with a variety of preferred partners to deliver the most effective solutions to meet the specific client challenges at hand. Our trained engineers develop an implementation plan that can help businesses implement a managed infrastructure solution, allowing IT to deliver resources and applications as needed while assuring continuity. A versatile infrastructure can meet the changing demands within the office as well as beyond the office with the mobile users.

Virtualization and cloud technologies can play a key role in infrastructure planning and upgrades. The challenge is developing a specific solution to address your specific needs. We offer wide-ranging solutions to your technology requirements:

Server virtualization – We help small to medium businesses leverage consolidate servers and manage continuity through server virtualization. This also includes developing a data center center governance plan with policy-based automation.

Cloud technologies – Moving into the cloud can be tricky for some businesses, risky for some and costly for some. Before you invest any money in the cloud it is essential to develop a strategic plan that considers your risk tolerance, your data, and your strategic plan. The end solution may involves a combined of solutions that could include a private cloud solution, a hybrid cloud solution, and possibly a public cloud solution. We help you ask the essential questions that can lead toward an effectively managed solution.

The end goal is to develop a secure, infrastructure solution that allows you to deliver applications and resources to any user in your business any where and any way they access the network, on-site or off-site, desktop or laptop, and any mobile devices that you approve. For more information on how Integracon can help your business, give us a call at 865-330-2323 or chat via