Password Reminder

If you’re not using a password reminder, then it’s likely that you’re using the same memorable passwords for several websites; either that, or you have a stack of stickies hanging by your desk. In both cases, you may not be keeping your online information secure.

Lack of password complexity as well as lack of multi-factor authentication can put our identity at risk. One big problem is that many of us forget how many sites where we’ve actually registered. I started counting the number of web logins I use and quit after I reached one hundred. How do you keep track of over one hundred different passwords? Our tendency is to simply replicate, or to save them through the browser. A much more secure solution is using some type of password keeper/reminder. Some of the popular password keepers include: DashlaneLastPass, Roboform, Keepass, and 1password. Many of these have an annual fee.

As you review these programs some features to keep in mind are

  • The ability to generate a password based on a range of criteria (such as character count, types of characters, etc). This important since password requirements vary from site to site.
  • Synchronization between multiple platfroms (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, etc).
  • Autofill option (while this is more for convenience, it’s nice to have the tool remember default autofill information for various form-based questions such as name, address, etc.).
  • Security audit. Some of the programs will audit all your passwords and let you know if you have high-risk areas.
  • Multi-factor authentication. Some of the programs offer the option of increased security.
  • Website login. Many of these programs offer one-click website login for your registered site.

There are other features like sharing a password, layered security, but they are the high level features. As you review various programs there are some trade-offs. Some great programs are free, but may lack a feature or two. Many of the programs that are not free, may charge an annual renewal fee.

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