Detecting a Computer Virus

At least 16 million U.S. households have suffered a computer virus in the last two years. In spite of the proliferation of antivirus software, families and businesses alike suffer from viruses, worms, phishing, password stealing attacks and more. It is estimated that computer viruses, spyware and phishing have cost U.S. households $4.55 billion dollars.[1]

While it is not always clear if computer problems are caused by a virus, a system conflict, or a software/hardware conflict, there are certain signs that may indicate your computer needs professional help. Some possible indicators of a computer virus include:

  • Browser windows that won’t close.
  • Pop-up windows or unusual messages you’ve never seen before.
  • Operating system fails to load.
  • Computer keeps freezing and programs run slowly or crash.
  • File names and folders names are suddenly changed.
  • New programs appear and try to access internet.
  • System error message commonly start appearing.

While any of these symptoms might appear for other reason, a combination of these could indicate serious problems. If you think your computer is having a problem, here are a few simple steps to take immediately.

  1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet and the local area network. Temporarily turn off the wireless card. It’s important to disconnect so that the computer virus or malicious attack cannot engage online, sending information from or through your computer.
  2. Update your antivirus software offline. Most antivirus manufacturers should have a place on their site to download an update tool for offline updating.
  3. Once the antivirus is updated, scan the computer.

If it appears you have a computer virus, or your computer continues to have problems, it is best to seek professional assistance. At Integracon, we help small to medium businesses solve these issues. If your computers have been plagued with viruses or other types of malware, we can help. Using some of the most sophisticated and effective utilities, our professional technicians will scan your system to identify problems, and remove them permanently. Based on your business needs, we can help you find the best protection solutions for minimizing future risks.

For more information on how Integracon can help your business with computer problems, give us a call at 865-330-2323 or contact us online at

Image by Phil Hart (flickr). Used by Creative Commons Permission.

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