Top 3 Secure Communication Apps

Sometimes, digital privacy is confusing. Sifting through privacy settings, trying to figure out who can see what and what information is being stored where — it can be overwhelming. By using a secure communication app, though, you don’t have to worry about any private information getting out.

Privacy is incredibly important when it comes to internal communication, but ensuring secure communication within your business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The following messaging apps are not only perfect for businesses on a budget, but they guarantee all of the following:

✓ Message encryption in transit

✓ Complete encryption from app provider

✓ Ability to verify contact identity

✓ Past communications are secure if passwords are stolen

✓ Code is open to independent review

✓ Security design is properly documented

✓ Recent code audits

When it comes to choosing a secure messaging app, you have to do you research. Many apps claim to offer secure communication, but all information is still accessible by the app provider. As a general rule, the more well-known the app, the less secure it is.

  1. ChatSecure

ChatSecure is a free messaging app for iPhone that supports OTR encryption over XMPP to ensure you messages always stay private. You can communicate with other ChatSecure users, as well as those using any other communication app that supports OTR and XMPP.

  1. Signal

Also free, Signal is supported by iPhone, Android, and desktop through Chrome. It’s open source, giving users the opportunity to audit the code and ensure their protection. Signal also offers additional features such as group messaging and voice call.

  1. Silent Circle

With subscriptions starting at less than $10 a month, Silent Circle offers it all: Encrypted voice, text, and conference calling. Plus, it allows members to send and share files securely. Silent Circle also offers a “burn” feature, which allows users to choose when messages are deleted on both ends of the conversation.

Start Talking — Securely

Whether you choose the most basic option or choose to subscribe to something a little more heavy duty, you’ll have peace of mind no matter what. Never worry about the leaking of personal employee information or sensitive company information with a secure communication app for your business. Want more tech savvy tips on creating a successful and secure workplace? Check our IT blog.

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