7 Internet Security Blogs and Websites To Follow

Information and internet security issues are constantly evolving — do you know where to look for the latest information technology news to keep your organization safe?

Whether you’re looking for the latest news on cybersecurity, internet threats, malware, company breaches, or vulnerabilities, there are a variety of online resources that can help you learn what’s going on in the internet security world — as well as what you can do to protect your company from cyber threats.

As you start your internet security research, be sure to check out these 7 information technology blogs and internet security resources (in alphabetical order):

  1. Errata Security


If you’re looking for a security blog that looks at the long-term perspective of security — online or otherwise — you might want to check out the Errata Security blog, run by two security researchers (Robert Graham and David Maynor). While it is highly opinionated, it does offer insight on many widely-reported cybersecurity issues and technical analyses, many of which offer unique views.

  1. Graham Cluley


Graham Cluley is an award-winning public speaker and independent computer security analyst who has been working in the computer security industry since the early 1990s. His website aggregates numerous cybersecurity and enterprise security posts intended to inform and advise (or just make you think) the masses on computer security issues.

  1. Integracon


As an information technology company that specializes in managed IT solutions for companies of all sizes, Integracon offers a variety of great information technology blogs and internet security blogs aimed at teaching individuals and companies how to protect their information and data. Whether you’re looking for more information on IT asset protection, using the Cloud, data recovery help, strategic IT management tips, the latest security breach, how to protect your company from malware, or security tips for specific industries like healthcare and finance, the Integracon IT blog is a great place to start.  

  1. Kaspersky Labs: Threatpost


Threatpost is is Kaspersky Lab security’s independent news service, which aims to provide the newest, daily information about IT and business security. Blogs range in topic and include: cloud security, hacks, malware, mobile security, vulnerabilities, critical infrastructure, cryptography, government, privacy, SAS, and more. “Threatpost has been referenced as an authoritative source on information security by leading news outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, USA Today and National Public Radio.”

  1. KrebsOnSecurity


Written by investigative journalist and reporter Brian Krebs, the KrebsOnSecurity blog is a wealth of in-depth knowledge on security news, cyber crime, and major data breaches and hacks. His investigations on cybersecurity issues provide readers with well-thought and meticulous articles that help readers understand more about what’s going on in the cybersecurity world.

  1. Paul’s Security Weekly


Security Weekly is an award-winning podcast, webcast, and IT security publication. Made by IT security professionals — for IT security professionals — they produce a weekly lineup of free shows for the security community that focus on recent IT security issues, enterprise security, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research. With their high-quality shows, they “strive to use new technologies to reach a wider audience across the globe to teach people how to grow, learn, and be security professionals.”

  1. Security Bloggers Network: Security Boulevard


The Security Boulevard blog aims to be a “destination for information, education, and discourse on the leading topics and issues facing the security, as well as the larger IT community today.” The blog brings together over 300 member blogs on the Security Bloggers Network (SBN), creating a collection of over 3,500 security blog posts that cover popular IT and security news stories, recent threats, security research, and more.

  1. The Security Ledger


The Security Ledger — an editorially independent security news website — uses well-reported and context-rich news and opinion to explore computer security topics, specifically how cyber security intersects business, commerce, politics, and everyday life. They have “been recognized for breaking coverage of security-related issues, including leading edge coverage of security as it relates to The Internet of Things.” They were also recognized as one of the Top 100 Information Security Blogs in 2017.

Educate Yourself

Cybersecurity will continue to be an evolving topic and issue for individuals and businesses. Protect your assets by making sure you understand what’s going on in the information technology and security world. If you ever feel overwhelmed, have questions, or would like help protecting your company from online threats, give us a call. Not only will we walk you through a customized strategy to protect your company’s information and data, but we’ll perform a free network assessment to identify any issues your system may have.