vCIO and CTO Services to the Rescue

.When a company’s IT department is lacking expertise, or lacking the department all together, the company might need help breaking through in a competitive marketplace. With Integracon’s vCIO and CTO outsourcing, your company can gain the expertise it needs. These services can allow your company to grow and gain new business strategies. However, you may think ‘what is vCIO and CTO?’ and ‘how can we help?’ In this blog, we will discuss what these outsourcing positions are, and how they can give your business a leg up.

What is a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)?

A Virtual Chief Information Officer specializes in managing and implementing computer technologies. The vCIO analyzes steps taken in the use of technology and the ways that the various technologies, such as a new filing software, can benefit the business. If the current tech doesn’t work, the vCIO expands horizons and helps find systems that could improve or replace the existing business processes. With that, the vCIO possesses skills in business management as well as IT.

What is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

Since the vCIO focuses mainly on technology and advancement, the CTO manages the research and development of a company. The Chief Technology Officer goes through business strategies, such as return-on-investment and increase revenue. However, the CTO still puts some focus on the technological needs the company has, integrating tech into their business strategies.

How can Integracon help?

Integracon provides CTO and vCIO services. These services can help increase leadership among the IT department your company might already have, or extend a hand during times of business transition. Since CTOs and vCIOs are outsourced, the need of a high-experienced team can be at your fingertips. The outsourced IT professionals will help your business grow by analyzing your organization’s strategies and introduce new technologies that make your company stand out in a competitive marketplace.

If your company is lacking in the IT department, consider using vCIO and CTO outsourcing. The two chief officers can help your company learn new strategies to increase revenue, as well as gain knowledge in the ever-changing tech world. With Intergracon’s vCIO and CTO outsourcing, your company can receive help by high-level professionals that are experts in the fields of management and technology. Let your company grow and be competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.