Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

Information technology is becoming increasingly complicated with each passing day, and unless your business specializes in IT, it can be pretty hard to keep up. Managed service providers (MSPs) allow a company to delegate any and all of their internet technology operations to a service provider. Using managed services has obvious benefits like eliminating stress and worry over your company’s network, but we have compiled a list of the top 3 reasons your business should be utilizing managed IT services.

  1. Managed IT Services Save Your Business Money

When comparing costs, attempting to hire in-house IT professionals will ultimately cost your company more than using a MSP. Costs related to IT include: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs, maintenance costs, etc. Not to mention, labor costs for in-house employees. Using a MSP to take care of all your IT needs allows for financial stability as you can better predict monthly IT costs. It costs more in the long run to wait for a problem to arise before calling an IT company for a fix — MSPs monitor the status of your network constantly and fix small problems as they arise to avoid large, costly problems down the road. Most break-and-fix companies also require large labor costs to visit problem sites, where MSPs monitor and maintain internet technologies from a remote location. Remote monitoring and maintaining not only saves money on labor costs, but also improves efficiency.

  1. Managed IT Services Help Streamline Efficiency

As with most things in life, regular maintenance is key to making sure everything stays working in tip-top shape — and IT operations are no different. MSPs make it easy to ensure all your internet technologies are working properly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any extra work on the part of your business. IT service providers constantly monitor and check the status of your IT network and equipment and catch any possible problems right when they happen. Catching issues early is crucial to the overall health of your business’s network, as small problems can quickly snowball into complete software failure or network disruption. Keeping your network up and running is essential to the productivity of your business, and MSPs are a simple way to increase that productivity and the overall efficiency of your company.

  1. Managed IT Services Offer Enhanced Security

Managed services providers can ensure your business’s network is more secure than ever. With today’s wide range of ways to store and transmit data, from tablets to smartphones, it’s getting increasingly harder to keep up with network security (we’ve all heard of the disastrous Target data breach). With more and more companies falling victim to hackers, network security is quickly moving to the top of list of things to worry about. Using an MSP will not only help make you aware of the exact risks your company faces, but the provider will share with you the ways in which they can combat these risks to keep your data safe. It’s the MSP’s job to know everything there is to know about security threats, so you can rest easy knowing your company’s network is prepared for and protected against any possible danger.

Let Integracon Manage Your Company’s Internet Technology

Integracon is Knoxville’s leading managed service provider with close to twenty years of experience providing IT strategy and support. Our seasoned employees know that IT is challenging for businesses both big and small, and we offer a wide range of services to build a plan that is right for you. Let Integracon take care of all your IT needs and know you’re not only receiving top-of-the-line managed services, but you’re also getting a competitive advantage on your competition. Contact us today for your free network assessment.