Avoid Cyber Attacks: Train Users on Digital Security

Unfortunately, we are not born understanding cybersecurity. For some of us, spotting threats is easier than for others. Users who are not well versed on computer viruses or hacking tricks are more likely to fall victim to these cybersecurity threats, which can be a huge problem if they infect a computer running on a company network.

While you can install security programs and firewalls, unfortunately, hackers and viruses still have an opportunity to breach your system. Humans are one of the leading channels for cyber threats because of their tendency to click on malicious links or download corrupted files. Training your employees to better understand digital security and how to spot a potential threat will go a long way in preventing cyber attacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks

First, employees must understand the types of cyber attacks and computer viruses that exist. Viruses can come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common are:

  • Pop-ups
  • Malicious downloads
  • Phishing emails

Even if your employees seem to understand possible threats to your network, it’s still important to refresh their memories. Even the most skilled internet navigator can unknowingly infect your company’s computers and network.

Creating a Human Firewall

When your employees have been trained on digital security, they will be acting as human firewalls against cyber attacks. After everyone understands the ways in which viruses infect computers, you can begin defending against attacks.

Here are a few techniques to help train your employees and keep everyone up to date on secure network practices:

  • Create a fake phishing email and send it to your employees to see who is prone to clicking on suspicious links. You can find a free service here.
  • Be sure everyone in your office is aware of voicemail phishing, which is similar to email phishing but over the phone. Attackers might leave a voicemail claiming to be a part of law enforcement or the IRS.
  • Educate employees on CEO fraud, which is when attackers send emails claiming to be the CEO or another high-ranking official. Everyone should understand the importance of never sending sensitive information through emails.

Cybersecurity with Integracon

If you’re concerned about the security of your business’s network, Integracon can help. Utilizing managed IT solutions frees your employees to focus on what really matters — advancing your business. With over a decade working in information technology, Integracon is fully equipped to handle IT networks of any size. If you have questions about how we can work for you, contact us today.